Gluten-free in the NEWS

Gluten-Free Pancakes w/ Oat and Coconut Flours and Flax

Photo courtesy of

Awareness of gluten-free eating is growing at a wildfire pace. Here are updates to what I wrote a month ago. It just keeps getting press…

1) This gluten-free baker Barbara D’Ambrosio got a feature (how can I achieve this?) in the Charlotte Observer with a sumptuous looking chocolate cake. The article shares her thoughts and others’ on reputation gluten-free is earning, for better or for worse.

2) What happens if you are traveling and don’t have the luxury of preparing your own food? Gluten-free tips for trips from whole-food, health blogger Amie Valpone on the HuffingtonPost.

From last month…

Just in the last three days, gluten-free recipes have been featured in the latest Food and Wine issue and in three places on NPR. (I had to update this right after I wrote it as I heard another mention on NPR). Holy cow, here they are:

3) As reported in Food and Wine, the co-owner and pastry chef Elizabeth Pruitt of famed Tartine Bakery in San Francisco is herself gluten-free. How about that? Interested in trying her recipe for gluten-free pancakes? I’m so attached to the pancake recipe on this blog, I don’t know if I can be convinced to try hers…

4) Then, just yesterday, the gluten-free, vegan bakery Babycakes was featured on NPR’s Marketplace. Now, we know that just because you’re gluten-free does not mean that you are FREE of everything. However, this place makes high quality alternative goods, and press covering this realm of the eating world is great.

5) And a journalist for NPR, Nicole Spiridakis, wrote up some of her favorite gluten-free recipes. These are interesting because they are completely flour free. Have a look. They sound enticing.

6) We don’t get her show in Denver, but the “gluten-free craze” was discussed Feb. 16, 2012 on the nationally syndicated NPR talk show, the Diane Rehm Show.

Gluten-free almond butter cookies

These cookies have no flour at all. Photo courtesy of Nicole Spiridakis on

Oh, and also this week: Be careful how you throw around the term “highfalutin” as this Texas cheerleading coach found out. Don’t tack ‘heifer‘ onto it.


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